Who We Are

We are the United Kingdom Overseas Territories Association, more commonly known as UKOTA.

Welcome to our website.

UKOTA was constituted on the 2nd of November 1994 by the Governments of the UK’s Overseas Territories who have a permanent Representative in London. Membership is equal, regardless of the size, or the GDP of any Territory. Exceptionally for the smallest of Territories, who may not have a Representative in the United Kingdom, special efforts are made to ensure that these Governments are consulted and that their views and interests are always fully taken into account in all of UKOTA’s deliberations and representations.

The 12 ‘inhabited’ UK Overseas Territories are all scattered across the globe, with a combined population estimated to be 350,000. The overwhelming majority of the Territories Governments have become members of the Association. You can view our Member Territories here.

The main work of UKOTA is representing the collective view of the Overseas Territories through their dialogue and contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and through other UK Government Departments; both at official and Ministerial level. UKOTA also engage other bodies such as the RSPB and other Conservation Groupings; in relation to protecting the critical biodiversity of the Territories.

The Chairmanship of the Association rotates each year. For the year 2016 the Chairman is Benito Wheatley, UK Representative for British Virgin Islands Government. The other Officers of UKOTA, together with their contact details, are available here.

The UKOTA Constitution

Please download a copy of the UKOTA constitution here.

The Political Council and the Officers of UKOTA

President of the Political Council

  • The Presidency of the Political Council is held by the Bermuda


  • Chair: Kimberley Durrant, UK Representative for Government of Bermuda
  • Secretariat: Siobhan Flax, UKOTA Secretariat
  • Hon Treasurer: Chris Carnegy, UK Representative for Government of Tristan da Cunha
  • Hon Secretary: Sukey Cameron MBE, UK Representative for Falkland Islands Government