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Welcome to UKOTA

UKOTA, constituted by the Governments of the UK Overseas Territories, exists to promote the interests of the UK Overseas Territories and co-operation between them. Membership is equal, regardless of the size, or the GDP of any Territory.

Exceptionally for the smallest of Territories, who may not have a Representative in the United Kingdom, special efforts are made to ensure that these Governments are consulted and that their views and interests are always fully taken into account in all of UKOTA's deliberations and representations.

UK Overseas Territories Representation in the UK
The individual governments and peoples of the UK Overseas Territories are officially represented in the UK by their Representatives and through their London offices. When interests align, the UK Overseas Territories may speak with a united voice through the UK Overseas Territories Association (UKOTA). No other individuals or organisations are entitled or permitted to speak on behalf of the UK Overseas Territories, either individually or collectively.

You can find out more about UKOTA here


Blue Belt Programme and Work with the OTs

Read about the great work being done in the Overseas Territories.  Pitcairn’s citizen scientists highlight the coral reefs of the Pitcairn Islands as a biodiversity superpower.  Turks & Caicos Islands are working hard to ensure effective marine protection in their waters and read about the highlights from the DY159 expedition as they survey the marine […] Read more...

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