The oceans are integral to all aspects of our life

Our oceans play an integral role for all aspects of Falkland Islands life, from our rich maritime history to being the driving force behind our economy.  Culturally, the Falkland Islands are steeped in maritime history – early settlers arrived on the Islands by boat and the many wrecks around our shores indicate how bound to the sea we are.  Throughout the years, our oceans have been the economic backbone of the Falkland Islands.  Early trading routes stopped at the islands, and today our world-class fisheries provide 45-60% of our GDP.

Maintaining and understanding our unique marine biodiversity goes hand in hand with our management of the marine environment.  We pair cutting edge research carried out in the locally based South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute, with sustainable management of our marine resources.  Our fisheries are carefully managed to ensure maintenance of good stock health and the improvement of stock health, working in collaboration with the fishing industry and underpinned by up-to-date scientific information and proactive management.  To encompass wider marine management, we are seeking to put in place marine management areas that are designed to protect our marine biodiversity.

Our oceans also play a crucial role in combatting climate change.  Our shores are surrounded by highly productive kelp forests that absorb up to two-thirds of our carbon emissions!  More than this, our kelp forests are also an important nursery ground for our most prized marine species.