UK OTs Statement on the Implementation of Sanctions against Russia

Statement by the President of the Political Council of UKOTA and Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Hon. C. Washington Misick, on the Overseas Territories’ implementation of the United Kingdom’s sanctions against Russia


The Governments of the United Kingdom (UK) Overseas Territories have followed with horror Russia’s invasion of the sovereign democratic state of Ukraine. The Overseas Territories are in solidarity with the UK and the international community in denouncing Russia’s military action against Ukraine.

In response to Russian military action against Ukraine the UK Government has imposed a series of sanctions against Russia, targeting its financial sector and the assets held by Russian politicians and oligarchs. The Overseas Territories have acted swiftly to fully implement the UK sanctions against Russia that have been extended to them, through Orders in Council or applied through domestic legislation. The Overseas Territories are committed to continuing to uphold the highest international standards of transparency and accountability.