Region – North America
Surface area - (km2) 54.35
Exclusive economic zone – (km2) 464,940
Population – 64,237 (census 2010)
Density – (km2) 1182
Capital – The City of Hamilton, Pembroke
National Bird – The Bermuda Petrel commonly known as the Cahow (Endemic to Bermuda)
Since its discovery and colonisation Bermuda has developed into a thriving and popular nation. It is the oldest self-governing British Overseas Territory and its Parliament is the third oldest continuous Parliament in the world. Bermuda’s pink sand and crystal clear ocean make it a first class tourist destination and its location off the east coast of the United States has made it the perfect off-shore financial centre. These assets, combined with its rich heritage, make Bermuda a unique and diverse island. Bermuda consists of a group of over 150 islands and islets. It lies isolated in the western Atlantic Ocean at latitude 32º 19’ N and longitude 64º 46’ W giving it a sub-tropical climate. The closest point of land is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, which is 965 km (570 miles) to the west. Often mistaken as a Caribbean island, Bermuda lies over 1,200 km (746 miles) to the north of the nearest Caribbean island.